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Voice over IP

Systemtest and integration of carrier grade VoIP servers like IBM TAS, Nokia-Siemens hiQ8000/hiQ4200 and Nortel CS2000.

Voice over IP private branch exchange (PBX) business solutions based on Asterisk technology.

Test and integration of embedded VoIP solutions e.g. integration of radio transceivers in a VoIP network.

IP Multimedia Subsystem know how (3GPP SIP Call Control)

Software Development

Analysis, design and implementation of software on UNIX (Solaris, Linux) and
Windows platforms

Design and implementation of database applications (ORACLE, Polyhedra, TimeSten,
PostgreSql) including schema architecture and complex SQL or PL-SQL queries, triggers and stored procedures.

Analysis, design and implementation of web-based database
client-server applications (Apache http server, CGI interface, JavaScript, HTML,
ODBC, Oracle OCCI C++)

Implementation in C, C++, Perl, PHP, Tcl, PL/SQL, SQL

Computer operational systems

Installation and configuration of Linux and MS Windows platforms.

Computer Application Software

Installation, integration, evaluation and test of application software
in accordance to customers specification.

Computer Networks

Installation and configuration of local networks based on Linux server technology in mixed configuration with Windows XP clients (SAMBA interfacing) and
Linux clients (NIS/NFS, LAN WAN interfacing).


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